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Revamp Atelier

Giving new life to discarded resources

What we do

The word “revamp” means…

Give new and improved form, structure; or appearance.

And so that is what we do, give new life to discarded objects and textiles with a new and different functional interesting twist.

To sell it when it is complete is a bonus.



Projects evolve when the imagination conjures up a real scope of possibility.

For example the perfect non rusting cage of a washing machine drum becomes a wooden clad planter.

Now re-imagine what you could do with two recovered matching bikes.


Unlike manufacturers we only have the opportunity to revamp old or discarded resources when there is availability.

This limited stock of materials gives rise to the uniqueness when constructing each project.

Old large Cross (Fell) or Hand saws what could you do with these?

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Well what can I say about me?

I have a short attention span but love trying out new things and seeing if they'll fly..

I find searching old stuff out in charity shops and the tip shop (ressourcerie) is the biggest challenge, bringing them home and coming up with something new is satisfying but the greatest pleasure is seeing people like what can be done.


What best describes me?

I'm enthusiastic, adventurous, determined with a great thirst for detail..

The devilment and challenge is always in the detail and I find this the most enjoyable part of any project I complete. Mostly I like commissioned work in the niche area we cover, the uniqueness fuels my drive to look to the next functional revamp.

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