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This has been welded together using a selection of old pick axe heads and an upturned old style strong drum storage lid.

Everything on this piece is reclaimed and repurposed and then painted in an anti-rust paint.

It can be made to any height, within the scope of the axe layers, for example, the one displayed has 2 layers of axes and only 3 pick axes for the column feeder and has a total height of 1.1m.

It could be reduced it more by taking out the two top centre vertical or diagonal pick axes, this would reduce it to approximately 95cm in height.

The item shown duals as a feeder and a bath using a drum tin lid on the top, when the lid is removed, seed can be placed directly into the centre column of the axes which then drops down the column coming out onto each channeled out axe, (these can be seen in more detail in the gallery of pictures). This allows the birds to sit under the bath on the arms of the axe just like a tree branch which shields them from the rain and peck away at the dry seed.

Basically there is height flexibility depending the pickaxe sizes and your requirements.

It is a perfect addition to your garden and a great talking point.

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Weight50 kg
Dimensions60 × 60 × 110 cm


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