Owl Hand Saw Sculpture – Key Holder Magnetic Reminder Board


This is the last owl I have with hooks, if you would like one without hooks but with magnets or both, then

please make a request by contacting us, we’ll be happy to discuss ideas.

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This owl was made using an old wooden handled saw and then fixing various bits and pieces onto it to imitate the facial features.

I added little hooks on the branches to hang keys or dog leads but they can easily be made without these and Neodymium Magnets can be used instead with this item to extend it’s functionality as a reminder board (These are available in the store).

The unit is secured to the wall by means of the two screw eyes at the head of the owl using two wall screws or two wall picture hooks.

I originally made 3 of these.  2 are sold and this one is still remaining.

Each owl is unique as it depends on the saw that’s available at the time and the features that are added.

Please get in touch.

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Dimensions60 × 12,5 × 4,5 cm


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